Think twice before upgrade to Thunderbird 5

14 Jul

Thunderbird should be something simple, fast, clear and effective. These are reasons why I switched from bulky Outlook to slimy and sleeky Thunderbird. After Mozilla took the Thunderbird project back to the center, I thought it would have been great like how Firefox 4/5 was improved from 3.x.  Hours ago, I just upgraded from my 3.1.11 to 5. All I can say is WTF! Tap relocation and closed-tap restoration feature are great. But its UI on Windows 7 is horrible! The menu and toolbar background is Aero-transparent. Icon colors are insipid. This makes my life more difficult even just differentiate what icons are at a glance. Tap relocation cannot be temporarily disabled when don’t need it. No cool at all, man. No cool.

Used for 10 minutes and found no way to customize to the way I want, I downgraded mine back to 3.1.11. And feel gooooood with the old cleaner version.

For you guys who wanna update Thunderbird, please be aware of the peak CPU usage around 50-60% during it is restarting after downloading new version via “Check for Update”. I’m not sure if it is a bug or a problem with the upgrade process or not, I found that the upgrader required me to restart the app. So I followed its steps. Thunderbird seemed shut down but it was not. I tried to run Thunderbird again but it reported that the other one was still running. Thunderbird process was still consuming my CPU and slowed down my computer for a long time. I had no way but ended the process in Task Manager. Then I run it again. It started upgrade and everything was fine.

One more thing to switch back and forth between 3.1.11 and 5 required you nothing apart from only running its version installer. That’s it. You don’t have to anything.


Update: Aug 17, 2011

I found very useful Thunderbird add-on called “NoGlass” ( I think it could be my solution for the Thunderbird 5/6 problem, as it can disable AeroGlass Transparency as well as able to change icon colors.

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