(draft) Offline/Standalone/Full Installers

24 Aug

It’s very frustrating that many software companies do not just let us download their software setup packages and just install by ourselves offline. They always require us to get “the downloader” which later download the same package file from the website. I know that’s good for general users who may not know the correct version of software for their OSes. That’s not cool at all especially for any IT supports who want to do install for all at once.

Here are a collection of offline software installer for Windows.

::Google Chrome Offline Installer

You may download Google Chrome Offline/Standalone/Full Installer from either of these.

:: Adobe Reader X Offline Installer

The best way to download Adobe Reader is to download from FTP.

For the latest version 10.1.0 (Aug 25,11) is

:: Adobe Flash Player Offline Installer

:: Skype Offline Installer

:: Windows Live Messenger Offline Installer

Windows Live Essential 2011

Windows Live Essential 2009 (14.0.8117.416) (Latest version supported in XP)

:: Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

To download offline version, you may go to, instead of clicking “Free Java Download” button.


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